Discover Unique Viewing and Revenue Opportunities in Adult Video Content & Adult VOD.

BroadView IP offers a large library of adult content from all major studios, sorted by categories of the operator’s choice.  Pricing information depends on the type of setup and delivery, we allow a variety of ways to access, and store content. Guests can gain access to a limitless supply of adult content, accessible by TV, IPTV, PC, mobile or tablet, we can also deliver a custom, tailored white-label solutions for private labeling.

Adult VOD Content Adult IPTV Content

Truly the one-stop “Spotify” solution when it comes to Adult VOD Entertainment.

See the benefits of our unique Adult Video Content Program: innovative adult entertainment- Live Entertainment, Video on Demand or Direct Download solutions can accommodate playback on any device. Providing a private, secure portal to adult VOD entertainment in order to keep the customer safe from attacks they could experience from venturing elsewhere on your provided internet services.

Adult VOD for IPTV, Wi-Fi Landing Page Connectivity Features:

  • Pay in time/day increments, rentals or direct download to any device.
  • Over 120,000 HD Full Length Premiere Adult Movies Available up to 1080P.
  • Premiere adult content from all major studios.
  • Mobile device compatibility, IOS and Android.

Our Adult Video offerings integrate seamlessly. Content display and selections are not overly graphic, viewers are eased into choosing what they wish to watch, but the content provided is much more innovative and interactive than current adult VOD solutions offer with customizable content selection and searches by scene or performer, with recommendations which can be tailored to preferences. Our Adult VOD Service helps customers enjoy premium adult titles on-demand, with ability for Direct Download.

Live, Interactive Adult VOD Entertainment:Live Adult Entertainment - Adult IPTV

Live adult content is much more interactive than current adult VOD solutions offer, with unmatched revenue opportunities. Viewers are eased into choosing what they wish to watch with non-nude selection screens. Live adult content is much more interactive than current adult VOD solutions offer, with unmatched revenue opportunities. 

Viewers pay to interact with live performances, leading to multiple cash payouts. Customers can be “cookied so they can use the service from anywhere off property, for commission based revenue payouts back to the referral location for as long as they use the service. 

All Adult VOD and Live Entertainment options provide additional, ongoing revenue sharing opportunities beyond the guest’s stay. After checkout, the same credentials can be referred to a service that will continue to generate revenue from guests who have left the property, but are using a referral link they had discovered at your location.

[quote style=’2′ cite=’Roman Kirisits – AT Visions’ title=”]The initial installers of traditional adult movies encountered resistance which was overcome by the potential revenues entitled to properties. We are now ready for the ‘next generation’ of adult content in hotels.[/quote]

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