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New Options for Hospitality TV Beyond Hotel IPTV

Hotel TV Revenues are in tremendous decline. This new Hotel TV solution allows properties to save up to 80% on hotel entertainment expenses and can be monetized beyond the guests stay. BroadView Live is the latest alternative for Hotel TV beyond cable, satellite and other hotel IPTV systems. The newly launched product from BroadView IP allows […]

Leveraging New Hotel Technologies to Create a New Guest Experience

Hotel properties have suffered from a dramatic loss in guest service revenues starting with the in-room telephone, high costs for low rates of bandwidth to dwindling pay-tv take rates. Device mobility has allowed for guests to continue to circumnavigate the ways hotels can charge for sponsored technology services using everyday applications such as Skype, personal […]

4K Video Content Licensing and Sales

For the past decade, High Definition (HD) has been the standard in video production. But a new wave is about to hit the market — 4K video content is poised to take over. Every week, new 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD)-enabled televisions sets are hitting storefronts and soon it will become the standard for all kinds […]

Scatzy Digital Video Content Sales Platform

Scalable, Custom / Whitelabel Video Content PaaS Sales / Video Platforms: Scatzy Digital, LLC (Boston, MA.) has contracted BroadView IP, LLC (Tampa, FL.) to provide a unique, managed video content sales platform in connection with a first-ever simulcast release of a South African movie available for purchase on streaming VOD worldwide available on ScatzyMovies.com . This is a […]

NRoom Hotel VOD Managed Video PaaS

The next-generation in Hotel VOD/Hospitality Video on Demand. Compatible with multiple devices, allowing for a custom-tailored video content purchasing environment. Featuring New Release Hollywood Movies, current Music, E-Books and Adult Entertainment for Rent, Stream or Download. NRoom is a managed video content service platform to replace traditional location-based VOD entertainment. Our solutions are flexible to provide the […]

New Linear Music Video Channel Content

Music Video Channels – a new addition to BroadView IP! Content updated on a monthly basis. Available as a linear channel or VOD Content. The largest catalog of music video channels in the world, featuring new and diverse music video content with no break in advertisement, all channels feature 24 hours of pure music. Premium […]

Interactive Art Channel & Video Content

Truly innovative- Rotating interactive Fine Art Channel Content enhances any space. Turn the television into a digital canvas that displays fine art and provides residual revenue! Allowing video content providers and locations to sell and earn money offering fine art for discovery. Providing a dedicated art experience for your viewer, a portfolio of photography and […]