Interactive Art Channel & Video Content

Truly innovative- Rotating interactive Fine Art Channel Content enhances any space.

Turn the television into a digital canvas that displays fine art and provides residual revenue!

TV Art Video Content

Allowing video content providers and locations to sell and earn money offering fine art for discovery.
Providing a dedicated art experience for your viewer, a portfolio of photography and paintings selected by a team of curators who are dedicated to choosing art that appeals to a diverse range of tastes. Interactive services allow for the viewer to learn more about the artist, the story behind the art and buy the originals of the art they love.

Featuring an expansive collection of artists, constantly updated with regional, international and classic works.

Change your display preferences anytime.
Total control over preference keywords and artist and environment, style specifications. Do you want a specific collection for and a different one for the rest of the day? You can set up the time you want collections to appear, and also the speed of rotation of the photos.

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