IPTV systems Integration

We work with cutting-edge IPTV systems which introduce new levels of control and flexibility for in-room entertainment. No longer are you just watching TV, but you are now in complete control of the tremendous interactive capabilities with fully customized menus, order room service, being able to show online content with advertising services through on-demand interaction or showing on-screen  ads, and other value-added experiences.


Seamlessly integrate mobile devices:

IPTV Systems Control the TV menu via a smartphone as well as access personal info or stream content to and from the TV.

 Typical IPTV interfaces can provide access to an indexed library of video on demand content, containing specific .RSS feeds, web links, On Demand films and entertainment, adult content,  internet radio stations as well as live TV.


Our IPTV Systems also take advantage of screen-casting technology which allows guests to view content stored on personal devices through multi-screen technologies which fit one device.

Our knowledge of the pros and cons from each of the IPTV service providers can assist you in saving thousands on installation costs depending on device and infrastructure compatibility. Contact us today to discuss the multiple options involved in reviewing IPTV Systems and IPTV content.