New Linear Music Video Channel Content

Music Channel ContentMusic Video Channels – a new addition to BroadView IP!

Content updated on a monthly basis. Available as a linear channel or VOD Content.Linear Music Channel Content

The largest catalog of music video channels in the world, featuring new and diverse music video content with no break in advertisement, all channels feature 24 hours of pure music. Premium music channels meaning amazing, unique and authentic rotating music video content.

Choose from a variety of different genres such as Reggae, Afro-Pop, Club and Party mixes, Ambient/Chill, Pop, Country, Rock, Hip-Hop, Children’s music and more.

Our Linear Music Channels feature 15,000 hours of rotating music video content and live concert performances from current artists as well as the legends and even the one-hit wonders. This is the type of rich content and variety which would make MTV jealous in it’s heyday.

For more information on our linear and VOD music video content offerings contact Video Channel