NRoom Hotel VOD Managed Video PaaS

The next-generation in Hotel VOD/Hospitality Video on Demand.

Compatible with multiple devices, allowing for a custom-tailored video content purchasing environment.

Hotel VOD Platform | Hotel Video On Demand

Featuring New Release Hollywood Movies, current Music, E-Books and Adult Entertainment for Rent, Stream or Download.

NRoom is a managed video content service platform to replace traditional location-based VOD entertainment. Our solutions are flexible to provide the ability for viewers to rent or download which allow locations to earn more revenue than traditional VOD offerings. Our Video content service offerings are compatible for any device from TVs, PCs, Android or IOS.

Content selections are customizable as to what can be shown, what prices and packages are charged, with a suite of allowable functionalities and user controls. Locations have the ability to entice customers with with discounts and special offers to promote content libraries. Providers also earn revenue in ad space/display, offering multiple ways to drive higher revenue.

Hollywood VOD Content Sales Platform

Video Content Sales Platforms Accessible From any Device:

NRoom is a multi-device content delivery system which allows a provider to give customers the option to view and purchase a variety of quality video content and entertainment. Solutions support Mobile, TV, PC and Tablet. Android, IOS and Windows-based products.

The NRoom services suite is dedicated to supporting multiple devices to drive entertainment value and location revenues from the TV and beyond, keeping the customer from purchasing content outside the location network.

Custom Storefront Service Offerings:

Content available to integrate and sell with your existing delivery platform, or to be offered as a separate, independent private labeled solution. Offer content bundles which group different types of video content together, allowing for tracking of specific content categories.

NRoom makes it easy for locations and operators to provide a value proposition that appeals to any visitor.

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