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Scatzy Digital Video Content Sales Platform

Scalable, Custom / Whitelabel Video Content PaaS Sales / Video Platforms:

Scatzy Digital, LLC (Boston, MA.) has contracted BroadView IP, LLC (Tampa, FL.) to provide a unique, managed video content sales platform in connection with a first-ever simulcast release of a South African movie available for purchase on streaming VOD worldwide available on . This is a special, simultaneous release on Video On Demand on the same day it was released in theaters, a first for South African film makers.

On April 2nd, premiered “Strikdas” to a worldwide audience via online pay-per-view/video on demand platform that will also host other South African movies, TV shows and documentaries. While “Strikdas” was released in theaters, viewers from countries around the world could pay to watch this exclusive content streaming from their own devices without the need to find a theater.

Scatzy Digital will be following Strikdas with a number of top South African theatrical titles for paid video streaming/rental. Scatzy provides South African and other foreign/diaspora video on demand using a scalable video content sales platform available to view on PC, Tablet or Mobile. Upcoming titles include “Semi-Soet”, “Liefling”, “Otelo Burning”, “iNumber Number” and “Long Street” available for paid streaming video-on-demand with more theatrical release simulcasts contracted throughout 2015.

Broadview’s custom / whitelabel content sales platforms allow for endless possibilities and configurations:

  • Pay-Per-View Video On Demand, SVOD (Subscription VOD), AVOD (Advertising-based VOD) options available.
  • Affix sale pricing, user rewards/incentive-based programs and discounts.
  • DRM/Location/Geo-blocking country settings for all content.
  • Display onscreen content cost by geography/currency of viewer.
  • Responsive, mobile-adaptive interface / user experience.
  • No limit/no buffering on any amount of video requests per month on any device and from any source.
  • Managed video library support with transcoding for seamless playback on any device.
  • Seamlessly publish videos to OTT services- Roku/Google Play, AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Samsung TV.
  • Ability for download, paid streaming & gifting options.
  • Custom Pricing/Packaging structures.
  • Merchant account integration, payment and user detail reports.
  • Notifications of subscribers, payments, followers.
  • Ad management/integration – on-screen, pre-roll, post-roll advertising.
  •  Player Configuration by geography, device, and language optimization

BroadView IP provides an additional revenue stream to video content owners seeking to monetize their content with custom, scalable video sales platforms for large-scale distribution with sales on a global level.

For further information, contact:
Adam Gillespie | Content Development
BroadView IP – Tampa, FL. 33618
+1 (844) 840.4788